DomeCode is an application that helps you learn and practice code with the appropriate tools and a curated list of resources through the philosophy of practice. It's an open-source platform where you can advance your coding journey with compiled resources to learn programming concepts, take notes, plan tasks, practice coding problems, discuss interesting stuff on the Forum, meet other developers and most all have the musical element with all of it without ever leaving the single workspace to navigate to dozen platforms. Essentially, get more with less hassle.

    How did this start?

    DomeCode initially started as a project of mine out of the need to have a platform that fulfills the requirements of a programmer like me. It was right before Google CodeJam 2020 when I was practicing on some other platform where I had to have a separate notes application, a reminders app, a music app ( for lo-fi music ) and most of all various forums for learning optimization techniques along with occassional searches for simple things. I wished there was a way to have all of that at just one place without me needing to go to multiple websites cause that doesn't preserve the uniformity of my operation. That's when it occurred to me that there's still no mainstream platform like this, maybe I could try and build one and DomeCode was born !

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