Pick a Track Python | Java

    At DomeCode, we have compiled resources that will aid you in your journey to learn Python, Java and other technologies for which we are still in the process of compiling resources.

    You also get to practice with the help of quizzes, coding problems, sharing/discussing your skills, probelms and solutions on DomeCode's Forum.

    all within the same platform so you don't need to leave the workspace.

    This is the Tracks module/app of DomeCode and as of now it has a collection of useful resources for Python and Java.

    Please note that this is still an initial release, the content will be improved and added with each new release of DomeCode and hopefully original DomeCode videos will be included as well in the future.

    For the implementations in the lessons given below, use the implementation code for the algorithm in the provided editor. You should also know that the video content on DomeCode is not owned by DomeCode and is embedded content ( legally ) from other video hosting websites.